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In the Boxing Ring


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In the Boxing Ring - June 2021 [PDF]


In the Boxing Ring - June 2021


1 June 2021 - Welcome to the June 2021 edition of ‘In the Boxing Ring’.


This month, we are talking about Security Hesitancy. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage around the world, a solution in the form of vaccines has arrived. However, the trend of vaccine hesitancy is emerging; a significant percentage of the population simply won't accept the vaccine. In the IT Security Industry, we've seen similar behavior regarding security solutions. On pages 2 to 3, we will continue our discussion of biological epidemics and how they compare to IT Security issues.


In other news, we are pleased to announce that Armadillo Networks now offers Network Box’s Dark Web Monitoring Services in Spain. And in this month’s security headlines, Swatch Group, Colonial Pipeline, and AXA were all hit by ransomware attacks; an unpatched Fortinet VPN was leveraged to attack a US municipal government; and the US, with the help of Denmark, were accused of spying on certain European governments.


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Network Box Focus


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Network Box Focus - June 2021 [PDF]


Network Box Focus - June 2021


This month's highlights include:

  • ItBR 202106: Security Hesitancy
  • Network Box Dark Web Monitoring Service: Armadillo Networks
  • Global Security Headlines: Infosecurity, BleepingComputer, Security Affairs


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